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Anomaly Vineyards: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): April 24, 2006

WineweeksmallOur first blog of the week comes from "the base of the western hills of California's Napa Valley in the town of St. Helena." Napa Valley seems to be an appropriate place to begin Wine Week.

What it is
Anomaly Vineyards has been making wine since 1997 and specializes in Cabernet Sauvignon. Owners Steve and Linda Goldfarb post often and have built a blog that any wine lover would be tempted to read for hours at a time.

The blog is 13 months old allowing visitors to enjoy one entire wine making season. Steve and Linda do a fabulous job documenting what life is like for them as vineyard owners in Napa valley. Documentation includes well-written posts and plenty of photos to give us a well-rounded look of the wine making experience.

Favorite Post
The Honeymoon is Over dispels the romantic notion of the carefree vineyard owner, sipping a chardonnay to another pink sunset in a never-ending life of luxury and comfort. No, it's not quite like that in reality:

"...Steve has spent the last 3 days (while we were visiting family in Los Angeles) spearing e-mails to our Customer Service (another oxymoron) rep at our shipper. AS of this moment, the problem is still not resolved, but a new one cropped up - yes, Fed Ex apparently man-handled another case going to a very good, and thankfully loyal, customer."

StevelindaI love the fact that we get to see the nitty gritty of what the business entails. These are real people with the same business challenges everyone has, and we feel their frustration and their desire to provide the best service to their customers they can.

Further Comments
Steve and Linda seem to be having fun. One very difficult thing to teach about blogging is how to have passion about the subject you blog about. Anomaly not only has passion, they make it light, sparkly, and entertaining. Now if California were only a little closer to Vermont...

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