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Anomaly Vineyard: Small Business Blog Interview

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): April 27, 2006

Linda Goldfarb at the Anomaly Vineyard was kind enough to email the answers to my questions about blogging. Anomaly was the Small Business Blog of the day earlier this week. Here are her answers:

Pajama Market: How has the blog impacted your company?

Linda: Well, honestly, I'm not sure it has as I get very few comments on my blog (mostly other spam-bloggers as I call them saying they love the blog and please check out theirs, which is generally for penile implants or hair replacement products) - how do they find me, anyway?! If it has impacted Anomaly at all, I'd say that it does give those who read it a bit of a reality check on the wine industry, and in particular, what we do here! Not as glamorous as they think quite often!

PJ: What has been the response from your customers?

Linda: Generally, they seem interested in the blog and surprised at what we really do.

PJ: What inspires you to write?

Linda: Generally, I write only when I have something to say that I think might remotely interest someone who might read the blog - I often write about some of the frustrations we encounter as I think putting them into a more comical, or less serious, light is cathartic for me, if no one else!

PJ: What has been the biggest surprise?

Linda: The biggest surprises on the blog, besides your finding us and making us the feature of the day, is that there are people out there who somehow find the blog, read it, and actually are interested in what I write! Always surprising to me - as I feel like I am writing to the ozone layer generally and don't expect that anyone actually reads what I write!

PJ: What blogging platform do you use?

Linda: I used  The only reason I use blogspot is that when I decided to blog, the City of St. Helena (where we live) has a blog and they used blogspot, and,  not knowing anything else about blogs, I went to that website, and it was so user friendly, that I started there, and I'm pretty loyal, so there you have it!"

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