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Cima Collina: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): April 26, 2006

Wineweeksmall_3 Today's addition to Wine Week comes from Monterey, California in the Salinas Valley. We'll be shifting gears from the 100,000 cases/year Stormhoek that we featured yesterday, to an "artisan wine" winery that makes it one barrel at a time.

What it is
Cima Collina is a winery in Monterey, California. The winemaker, Annette Hoff, writes the blog as well as, I would guess, makes the wine. Annette's story is interesting, starting in Napa Valley, across the Pacific to New Zealand, and then back to California where she is the driving force behind the winery.

Cimaannette_1 Features
Long articles. This is not a bad thing as Annette's posts are intelligent and informative. This is a brand new blog (less than two months old), so it will be fun to see it evolve and expand.

The blog has a very slick/professional look to it so I would suspect that either Annette has some sort of background in graphic design, or they hired a fairly good designer to create the blog. It appears the blog is on the WordPress format which makes it pretty flexible and they've done a good job with the design.

Favorite Post
Here's one from last month about pigs:

"...they are connoisseurs in their own right, especially when it comes to food. They eat acorns, berries, wild mushrooms, plant shoots, grubs, and, yes, given the opportunity, wine grapes at their ripest and most tastiest."

Cimabottle Further Comments
This is a great start to a blog and has some hefty content for only being two months old. I think the blog would benefit from a smattering of shorter posts. I'm not saying get rid of the long ones, I think long posts that are solidly on the subject of the blog are very informative and will be well-received, but throw some shorter posts in just in case we aren't in the mood for a long one right now. Also, I didn't see a link to the RSS feed, and that's a must have to keep folks coming back.

Finally, I noticed the comments to the first post asked for more photos. Good advice and I think the black background of the site makes it especially conducive to showing off photos. As an example, check out Ethan Miller's Burning Daylight (which has been featured on this site) to see how striking photos look against a black background.

Nice job Annette. (BTW gentlemen, she is married)

Thanks to Tim Elliot's Winery Website Report's list of blogs for this winery.

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Impeccable timing! We'll be visiting my hometown late next week.

I was going to visit the Old Bath House Restaurant, but they don't seem to offer any Cima Collina yet. Looks like Fandango is the winner - thanks to Annette for posting the listing.

Brian, did you know you were a travel agent? Where am I going on Sunday? Napa? Saratoga? Great stuff!

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