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Judith HeartSong: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): April 12, 2006

One area of small businesses that seem to be catching blog fever are artists. We've already profiled a photographer and a sign maker, and I would guess many more artists will be highlighted in the near future.

Today's blog is an artist I found on the Technorati Blog Search for the term 'painter.' Judith HeartSong was the 5th blog to appear and is a solid example of an artist's small business blog.

Judith What it is
Judith HeartSong is the blog for the artist of the same name. She lives outside of D.C. and has a large collection of her work on the blog and accompanying website.

Ok, the more I read this blog, the more I love this blog. It's just...interesting. This is probably the most personal blog we've featured on Pajama Market and for this reason, I think it works!

Art is a very personal choice. Sometimes pieces of art are love at first site, and sometimes they are appreciated after learning their history and knowing the artist. This blog gives us tremendous insight to know the artist and become attached to the artwork through her life.

Favorite Post
This is a short post on a recent trip to Arizona. I think it has some poetic qualities. Here is a snippet:

Coyotes calling in the dark.

Reaching an elevation of 8,046 feet.


A sheriff's badge.


Further Comments
This is a journal type blog where the writer uses the blog media to keep a journal. For most businesses, I think this would be a tough blog to do well. For example, if you run an ice cream shop, we don't care about what you did on vacation, we care about ice cream and that's what the blog should focus on.

But in certain professions, a journal works very well, and I think this is a great example. I think we, as a customer, want to be educated on the artist when we buy art. We like to know what the story is behind various pieces the artist has created, and we like to know what the process is that the artist goes through in their personal lives to create such examples of passionate creativity.

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Thank you so much for the nice review Brian.... it meant a lot to me that you found my little spot and understood just what it is I am up to.

Best wishes.

Judith HeartSong

Gee, you just now discovered Judith? I've been reading her journals for ages.

I'm glad to see Judith get some attention for both her amazing art and blog. She manages to combine them in a beautiful and powerful way.

I have been a blog friend of Judith's for a time, yet first and foremost an admirer of her art...Great choice and wonderful words!!!!


She and her artwork are wonderful. Couldn't agree with you more.

I have loved Judith's work for over 15 years.

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