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Stormhoek: Small Business Blog Interview

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): May 1, 2006

Stormhoek Jason Korman of Stormhoek was kind enough to send an email with replies to my blogging questions. Stormhoek was featured last Tuesday during Wine Week for the Small Business Blog of the Day. Here are Jason's answers:

Pajama Market: How has the blog impacted your company?

Jason Korman: It is really the ability to exchange information and feedback with the market, our consumers and like minded professionals.

PJ: What has the response been from your customers/clients?

JK: Many, many people do not "get it". We get a variety of responses from this is the coolest thing happening in wine (which, of course it is), to, Huh? Within the large retailers, some of our customers have 2000 stores, they do not seem to be any more likely to 'get it' than a small retailer with one shop. But when they do, its magic. The whole blogging thing is really about aligning with like-minded people.

PJ: What types of things about your work day inspire you to write a post on your blog?

JK: There are a number of us writing on our blog. We are mostly guys who have been in the wine business for a long time and are very passionate about wine and producing outstanding quality. But we realize that much of the 'wine speak' is excrutiatingly boring for most people and we would much rather talk about things going on in the market, what we are doing and most importantly, how Stormhoek is relating to consumers.

PJ: What have been the biggest surprises with your blog so far?

JK: Simply, how much interest there is in our little winery, especially from people who have never been able to taste, touch or see the wine.

PJ: What blogging program do you use for the blog? Did you create this  blog yourself? How do you like the program?

JK: Moveable Type.

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Kudos on the Stormhoek connection. I keep wondering when they'll lift off into the stratosphere and become a household name. Such is the power of hearing about them every day at Gapingvoid: you start thinking everyone else knows who they are too.

Notoriety, thy name is saturation.

Thanks Justin. At least a lot of people in the blogging community know about them, and once that happens, it's only a matter of time before everyone else discovers them.

BTW, I checked out Something to be Desired. ( Weird concept! From what I understand, it's like a Television show, except it's only online? I like the blog. Very interesting idea.

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