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Typepad features Pajama Market in the "Typepad Spotlight"

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): May 9, 2006

I'd like to extend a friendly welcome to everyone who has found Pajama Market through Typepad today (and for the next several days). I'm not sure why, but Typepad graciously featured us on their home page as their Spotlight blog. I've known they were spotlighting us for a couple of weeks now, so if you are curious of how this works, read on...

I received an email from Typepad's Marketing Coordinator (Robin Tilotta) on April 24 telling me I would be spotlighted. They said if I did not want to be spotlighted, contact them by April 27th to let them know (har har, like anyone would say, "No thanks, I really don't want people to find my blog...I'm doing it in secret).

After that, it was a waiting game to see when we would appear on It seemed to last forever, as Typepad highlights eight blogs at a time (one per day), and of course, I was the eighth!

Today I received an email from the editor of the Typepad Featured Blogs blog (Harold Check) letting me know PJ was now highlighted and asking if I would participate in some sort of interview? Very cool, I thought, and I told him I'd love to, so it looks like we'll get some more exposure for this little experiment that seems to be getting more fun by the day.

Thanks for visiting, and if you know of any business blogs I should be writing about, let me know. (Thanks to everyone who has already written me today...I'll be looking at everyone's blogs over the next couple of days.)

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