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What qualifies a blog to be featured on this site?

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): May 1, 2006

PajamaThis is an updated list of guidelines for what appears on this site. I originally wrote about "What Qualifies" here, but I felt that I now have quite a few posts under my belt and it's time to be clear about what appears on this site and why.

Purpose of the Small Business Blog of the Day:
The main feature of this site is the SBBotD. Five days a week (not always the week days, depending on my schedule), I write about a small business that is blogging. I do this as a resource for other businesses to turn to in order to get ideas for their own blog.

With this in mind, I'm looking for blogs that are useful for another business to look at. It may be your design, the functions available on the blog, your use of photos, your writing style, or even your flaws that make your site useful to other businesses. I highlight these aspects in the "Features" and "Further Comments" sections of my reviews.

In addition to the blog being 'useful' to other businesses, the blog must:

1) be the official blog of the small business I review,

2) be a business that sells an actual product or service,

3) be updated regularly (as a guideline, if it's not updated at least once a week, I won't write about it), and finally...

4) be a blog about a small business (I'm not interested in big corporate blogs).

If you think you meet these guidelines, please leave information about your blog in the comments and I will definitely check your blog out and consider it for the Small Business Blog of the Day. At least half of the blogs I've reviewed have come from suggestions from readers, so please let me know if your blog, or another you know, should be on this website. If the blog belongs to someone else, I'm always happy to mention your website as the site that pointed me to that blog.


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Hi Brian

I hope you might be interested in my blog, Travel the Home Exchange Way, which provides extra information on home exchange for my business, Home Base Holidays (definitely a small business - just me - but I've been running the home exchange service for over 21 years, and the blog for nearly two).

As home exchange is a small niche within the vast travel market, I'm not sure how relevant my blog would be for other small businesses - but I really enjoy finding different aspects of swapping homes to write posts on. In fact I probably spend too much time on it but all the hard work is starting to pay off as the blog attracts more visitors and members check it out, especially when mentioned (often!) in my bi-monthly newsletter.

If there's any information you need please get in touch.




I wanted to write to tell you about our company blog. We are a small Texas bead and jewelry findings supplier. I started the blog for our company back in January to both post interesting content, designs, and get feedback from our customers. So far it has been good, we get about 50 readers a day.


Thanks for your submission Lois. I love your blog and it's being reviewed. Read about it here:

Thanks for the submission John. I'm going to pass on The Bead Feed for now.

It bothers me that I can't find your full name listed anywhere on the blog or on the parent website. Also, the posts appear to be nothing more than repurposed press releases and sales material.

Let us know if start incorporating stories about the distribution business and your day-to-day challenges. We'll be happy to feature you then.

Thank you for your comments on the blog. Our company name is clearly stated on our blog, and I have updated the author profile on the about me page to include my full name, even though we all collaborate here on content.

We also have a number of stories about running a beading business, see the Beading Business How To link in the categories section, plus original design ideas by our in house designers, and links to interesting articles, web sites, and blogs that can be useful to our customers and other readers. None of the content on there is a repurposed press release, it is all original content created in house. We do have a lot of polls and or questions on the blog in order to prompt feedback from our current customers to get a better idea of their needs, and allow them to contribute. We also have featured customer contributed stories about their beading work, and what they have done with it. We've tried to provide content that is relative and current to beaders and jewelry makers needs.

I appreciate your critiques of our blog, but I honestly think that posting about our rather mundane day to day operations wouldn't be of any benefit to our audience.

Thank you

Hi Brian,

I don't know if my blog would qualify, but I thought I'd point you to it so you could take a look. I'm an independent representative for Stampin' Up! - a direct selling/home party type business. I basically own a Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking Business that I run from my home.

Though I am affiliated with Stampin' Up!, it is my own business to promote and run. I've been working to build a larger presence on the Web both for my current customers and for potential new customers. My blog, though fairly new, is helping with that exposure.

My "Ink-Blog" is only a part of my website ( that features rubber stamping techniques, an art gallery, and much more. Blogging is a GREAT way to add my own personality to my business every day!

Thanks for taking a look!

Marni :)

Hello Brian,

I thought your readers might find my blog useful and informative. 'Leverage: How to exploit the web' helps small businesses learn how to use the web to grow their business.

I direct a small web design and marketing agency, and my clients (and readers) are looking for simple, clear explanations of the most effective internet marketing strategies.

From RSS to podcasting to examples of smart web design, my aim is to provide useful information, and we can design and build nearly all the marketing ideas we discuss.

I look forward to your thoughts, and thanks for your great work at PJ.



I would like you to have a look at our firm's blog

This blog is restricted to registered users of -registration is free.

I am a social entrepreneur. The firm is self sustained through sale of our photos and videos and through ads including Google ads.

The Blog is picking up slowly and is helping us in getting more membership and page hits.

Hi Brian- we're a Parenting/Moms website and blog, and think we'd make an excellent
addition to your Small Business Blog Of The Day feature.

Please come check us out: , and you can access the blog from the front home page. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you...


Hi Jaime. It appears your blog is a reseller for t-shirts and other items. Unless your company actually manufactures these items, I wouldn't consider this blog.

Hi Susan. I'm not seeing the business side of I'm also not sure what a "social entrepreneur" is.

Thanks for your comment Michael. I will consider for a future review.

Hi Marni. I took a look at your site ( and have to admit that this was a close one. As a reseller, I'm going to pass on reviewing it. I really want to focus on the one "official" blog of a comapany rather than a reseller, affiliate, or franchise.

Thanks for your submission.


I learned about your blog via Rick Bruner, with whom I blog over at Business Blog Consulting []

I wanted to take advantage of your clever idea, but before I submitted my own blog I did a quick search on "flyte." I was surprised to see that you *did* reference me in your Technorati Tags post:

Well, here I am, asking you to consider adding flyte: web marketing strategies for small business [] to your growing list of small biz blogs of the day.

We cover topics such as search engine optimization, email marketing, business blogs and podcasts and viral marketing, all from teh small business/entrepreneurial viewpoint.

Thanks in advance for checking it out.

Hi I'm julius

and I recently started a network blog at as a service after my successful launch of my products at

This is a home-business type of concept, which includes in it, a wider scale of the business of people.

Do email me if you find any of it interesting. =)

Hi Julius. This is a great company for a blog and I think you're on the right track. I would suggest ditching the format you currently have. Specifically, there seems to be TONS of script running the site and it almost looks like the site is using frames, but I couldn't find any in a quick look at the HTML.

Instead, I would suggest adopting a much more standard format like Typepad's or Wordpress' formats out of the box.

Furthermore, there is really no "blog" material on the site yet, no daily or even weekly posts, but I'm guessing that's in the works.

Also, I would suggest looking at the Stormhoek blog to see how they spread the word of their wine to bloggers and then the rest of the world. I think you could do something similar.

Aloha Brian,
Great blog! Would you consider reviewing ours?
The official Hamakua Springs Country Farms blog ( is called Ha Ha Ha! The name refers to the three generations of the Ha family who operate the Hawaii farm (they grow tomatoes, bananas, lettuce and cucumbers and distribute to supermarkets and restaurants).
We're enjoying doing this blog. We're trying to make it fun to read, informative, and we're especially hoping it will help Hamakua Springs stand out from the pack.
Thanks for considering it.
Leslie Lang, chief blogger for Hamakua Springs
(Ha Ha Ha! was featured on June 9)

Hi Brian,

I've got a story that you and your readers might find interesting. I won't hog your comments and tell all here. Instead, let me pique your interest by telling you that because of blogging, I started a new service company (designing, building, and maintaining blogs no less), and now employ four full time staff.

One hundred percent of our business comes as a result of blogging or referrals. Without blogging, my business simply wouldn't exist.

You can read our blog at



I see that you've already beaten the wine blog angle nearly to death :P (awesome series by the way!) but I'd still like to mention our blog,, because it is a little different.

I'm blogging the birth of our winery from the ground up, and so we don't have anything to sell yet except our story. I solicited readers for advice on naming the winery and asked for their feedback on logo designs. The whole process has been amazing and it has allowed us to reach potential customers and forge business relationships and friendships years before actually crushing grapes or having a saleable product. Our blog has allowed us to do all this and even generate a mailing list of almost 50 people interested in our inaugural vintage.

Blogging is really quite amazing, and you're doing a great job communicating the benefits via Pajama Market. Thanks for the resource!


Bad address above:

We are a seven attorney law firm that blogs about China law as it relates to business and China business as it relates (tangentially) to law. We have been at it only since the beginning of this year, yet we have already been Business Week's blog of the week, been sited twice by the Wall Street Journal blog, broken a big story on foreign law firms in China (that was picked up by all the big news services) and we are already ranked in the top 15,000 by Technorati. But, we are still a small business and that is generally the focus of the blog. Please check us out.



To my knowledge we are the only blog that focuses on the world of label printing. It is obviously a somewhat vertical market, but on our blog I also try to mix in some general information uselful for any small business.

We are a small business (14 employees), and our market is small business, often one person manufacturers producing their own product in their kitchens. One of the goals of the blog is to try and help these people get established as successful businesses.

Our blog is at

Thanks for your consideration.

Peter Renton

Hi Brian,

We're new to the blogging world and didn't know much about it until we recently put our own blog together. Our company is called glassybaby; we're a glass blowing studio in Seattle with an online store:

We were wondering if you might take a look at our blog and offer some feedback. We've just launched it so there's only one blog posted. It's still in the works.
Regards, Nicola

I also wanted to specify that our glassybaby blog is store specific and is being used as a way to communicate with our online customers. Of course, we welcome visits from anyone interested in learning about us and our product.

Thanks, Nicola

Nicola, nice looking blog, but it's too new to feature at the moment. If you can manage about 3 posts/week for the next month, I'll be happy to consider it then. Please send me a reminder and I will also add a reminder on my calendar to recheck the blog the first week of July.

thanks for the site and invitation to share info about my blog. Like some 15,000 per day I'm very new to blogging, but already have discovered it is and will prove to be as profoundly world altering a technology as Gutenberg's movable type was in the 1440s.
So with a newly posted blog about entrepreneurship, media, marketing, film, webcontent and music making, love of guitars and philosophy that will become a conversation that will have impacts and effects on any or all of those things, I invite you to be among the first to comment, link, critique, or rave about my first stumbling steps into the blogosphere.

appreciate what your doing on your own blog. Rich stuff.

Warm regards,

I don't know why I haven't found this site before, but I'm glad that I did. I'm sure that I'll be able to pass an occasional post along. Feel free to read, and if you like, feel free to comment. As you'll see, I'm not a blogger. I just happen to have a blog.

Hi Brian,

A few weeks ago you expressed interest in our brand new glassybaby blog. Well, we've got six posts now and I'm wondering if that will be enough to get started. You can view our business blog at our Web site.



Hi Brian,

We recently launched a blog to chronicle the startup and growth of our new company PeerSight. The blog's called Diary of a Startup and I thought your readers might be interested in some of our posts. You can find it at

Thanks for the opportunity to offer a suggestion.


Andrew MacGill

My blog is focused on finding asset based financing for small businesses when the bank says "no". Not only is my blog content focused on financing ideas, but ideas on how to run a business to improve the chances of a small business obtaining financing.

Hi, Brian. I'm a psychotherapist with an LLC. My blog is dedicated to providing adults, children, and families with tips and information they can use to assert themselves, reach their goals, and improve their quality of life. What do you think? I hope to add video and podcasts in the near future.

Shoelover is the chief shill for Shoe Stor, a company that manufactures and markets clear plastic shoe and boot boxes. Check us out at or

I am going to add you to my new blog which provides ideas/trends and tips to freelancers and those who want/or already run a small business. I think this would be a great resource for me readers. I am just fascinated with the stories of small business owners and the ideas/products that they bring. I do believe the blogging can be an equalizing agent if it is done correctly. Great idea.

hi again Brian - OK, I think we're ready... let us have it!

(ducking) - j

Hi Brian,

We contacted you a few months ago when we started our glassybaby blog. You seemed interested in reviewing us but said we needed to post more. Well we have quite a posts now and are ready for a review! You can view our blog at We were featured on Type Pad in July.

Hi Nicola. Well, I must have skipped over the part where I send you an email letting you know you've been reviewed. I actually set a reminder for myself when you first contacted me and dashed off a review a while back. Here it is:
Glassy Baby

Hello, Brian. Thanks to Mike Duffy, I saw your review/interview of Twisted Oak, and was wondering if you would review our winery blog. Mike at The Winery Website Report has been a great help in improving the blog, but I am always open to more suggestions! (I know, I need to clean up the blog address . . . and I need help finding an appropriate search box . . . the Typepad widget doesn't work very well . . .)
I hope you'll take a look.
Warm regards,
Mary Baker

Hi Mary. I'll take a look at your site today.
I agree with you about the Typepad widget. I use a search box powered by Google
for Pajama Market. I wrote about how
you can add this to your blog a few weeks ago.

I read aobut your blog in the USA Today article on blogging. I have two blogs -- both of which promote my consulting, coaching and speaking business. I'd appreciate it if you would check them out and let me know if they meet your standards for inclusion here.
Bud Bilanich
The Common Sense Guy

Thought you might be interested in reviewing Ask Patty -- Automotive Advice for women.

We are a business blog and a blog for consumer women!

About Ask Patty

Women purchase half of the vehicles sold in the United States each year, spending over $80 billion. Yet, shopping for and buying a car can be a challenge for women who are first time car buyers or for women who had a bad experience in the past with a car salesman or dealership.

Who is Ask Patty?

Patty is a Mom, Daughter, Wife, Niece, Grandmother and Auntie, Patty is young, old, married, single, an experienced driver, a new driver, a race car driver , a hot rod driver, a classic car driver, a mini van driver, a truck driver, a luxury car driver, a SUV driver, a disabled driver, a carpool driver, a stay at home Mom, a female executive and comes in all the sizes, shapes and colors of the rainbow... Patty is YOU, ME and US - Women Consumers. Patty influences 80% of all vehicles purchased in the US and buys approximately 50% of all new and used cars and 40% of all trucks sold in the US.

The Ask Pattyblog and website is a safe place for women to get advice on car purchases, maintenance and other automotive related topics.

Women can ask Patty for automotive advice by emailing questions to our twenty two automotive expert women. They will typically reply back to the consumer the same day. Selected questions and answers will be posted on an interactive blog, paneled by automotive women experts for the benefit of all consumer women.

Ask Patty Certified Dealer Program:
Properly armed with the right tools and training your dealerships can increase its share of the largest and fastest growing demographic of new vehicle buyers in the US -- Women Consumers. The Ask Patty Certified Dealer program was designed specifically for car dealerships to attract, sell, retain and keep loyal women consumers.

What Is An Ask Patty Certified Dealer?
An Ask Patty certified dealer is a dealer that creates a safe and comfortable environment where women feel welcome and a dealer that makes the experience of purchasing and maintaining her vehicle a pleasant one.

Ask Patty trained and certified dealers are held to a high level of customer satisfaction for women consumers.

About Jody DeVere

Ms. Jody DeVere is President of Ask, Inc. and comes to us with more than twenty five years of achievement in sales and marketing leadership including ten years developing web based business solutions across diverse industries. DeVere is currently the President of the Woman’s Automotive Association International , the premier women’s organization for women automotive professionals, a member of the Car Care Council Women's Board, and a member of the SEMA Businesswomen's Networking Association .

DeVere’s background includes leadership positions as National Director of Sales for the Automotive Division of CallSource, National Director of Sales and Marketing for HemaCare , Director of Sales and Marketing for RiverOne,Inc., a subsidiary of I2, founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Memory Network a division of MediaGrif Interactive, Inc. and National Director of OEM Sales and Marketing for Packard Bell, CalABCO division.

DeVere is based in Southern California and has three children and four grandchildren.


I blog about article marketing and writing. I'm a small (micro really) business owner and my clients and readers are all small businesses.


Hey Brian!

I just started my business a couple months ago. It is a clothing company. The website is dedicated to an online store and information for the "community" that I am trying to build around the brand.

I also have a blog ( that I post very regularly on. Topics very from startup experiences, my own point-of-view, links to other good blog posts, random quotes, etc.

Check it out! I hope you like it.


Brian, I would like to submit our new blog for your consideration: The blog was initiated to introduce and put a personal face on our upcoming new e-commerce site, Artistic Creations by Cat Lovers for Cat Lovers, which will launch this spring.

Our business will cater to a niche market of cat lovers and those who buy gifts for cat lovers. We differ from other e-commerce sites in this niche, because all our products are handcrafted by artists, many of them one-of-a-kind originals - nothing mass-produced, and nothing that can be purchased elsewhere.

Written by our household of 15 formerly-feral cats, the blog will accompany our business site as an important personal connection with the cat lover community - which, as a side benefit, we are enjoying immensely! Both the blog and the business evolved naturally from an extended family whose lifelong passions have been art and cats.

Both our blog and our website will offer practical, interesting and entertaining information for cat owners, in addition to our products. And our business will donate a portion of all proceeds to both a local and a national organization whose mission is to alleviate the stray/feral cat problem in the US.

Thank you for this opportunity. Your site extremely helpful and I've bookmarked it for reference as we get our business up and running.

Human staff member/artist

See what we are doing in Australia with small business blogs. I am the author of a number of best selling small business books and having just discovered the power of blogging I am keen to tell the world.

We are a company that helps people buy or sell a small business. Most people don't realize they can sell their small business or buy an existing small business. The internet makes it a lot easier to find quality businesses.

Our main blog is about California businesses:

We talk about businesses sold, feature business brokers, events, news, tips on how to buy or sell a small business, etc.

This is a great site, so glad I found it.

Hello Brian,
I am a small business, of one...I am an artist and am selling well using just my blog, not with ebay etc. I am based in rural Brittany, France and am managing to sell all over the world, I am not a daily painter but am one who paints every day, take a look,I would appriciate a review, your site is very interesting and informitave, I am going to stop painting now and read...
All the best Sarah

Hi Brian,

I am a entrepreneur... and I would like to submit my blog for your consideration. My aim is to help learn how to start, run
and manage a successful business through inspiration and emulation.


Sorry Andrey. You're blog is way too ad-intensive and it isn't clear what your company is and what services you provide. This may be a good example of a professional blogger's site, but not an example of a blog representing a small business.

Outsourcing of Engineering Design projects to “Sphinx Worldbiz Ltd” can greatly Reduce Cost and Produce

Faster Turnaround while giving you excellent Technical Expertise.

CAD outsourcing company in india, offering cad outsourcing,CAE Outsourcing ,3D modelling, CAM outsourcing

and Engeering services.


My favorite blog - personal or corporate - is GUBA's. It's a small company (about two dozen people, I think) and the tone is refreshingly fun, personal and snarky compared with most "official" blogs. It'a at

Thanks Lauren. I'll check it out.

Hey Brian - I'm a wedding photographer in Western Australia. You may like to review.

Thanks for submitting your site Russell. Hopefully I'll get a chance to look at it over the next week or so.

Hi Brian, We are a small web design and graphic design company in Vermont and two weeks ago we started our own blog with tips, resources, and tools for designers and web developers. We would love if you would take a look and if you would include us on your blog. Our web address is

Would you mind if we linked to your blog?

My blog is called Organize.Simplify.Transform. I am a Organizer & Interior Refiner, and the purpose of my blog is to give more information to my clients and also those looking to organize and simplify their lives. I have recently added redecorating tips as it ties into the organizing piece of what I do. I would love some feedback from you about my blog.


The best land-locked beach bar ever, located in Lawrence, KS!

Would love your feedback, am glad to see you're posting again.

Thanks Debbi. I've have you on my list. The blog looks pretty good at first glance.

Hi Brian - I like your site and thought I would submit our blog We are breaking into the furnished short term rentals market with our site and our blog is Thank you for your consideration. John

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