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Wine Week was a big hit

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): May 2, 2006

Wineweekthumb I would like to thank everyone who participated in Wine Week last week. Wine Week was the first 'theme week' on Pajama Market where all five Small Business Blogs of the Day focused on a single industry.

Writing for those blogs was the most fun I've had yet, as it allowed me to probe an industry more deeply than I get to when highlighting a blog in a single field each day.

I am planning on more theme weeks in the weeks to come, including a second Wine Week in another month or so because I've already found several more blogs in the wine industry to highlight.

To summarize Wine Week, you might want to check out:

Anomaly Vineyards
St. Helena, CA
Linda Goldfarb (Anomaly)
Wellington, South Africa
Jason Korman (Stormhoek)
Cima Collina
Monterey, CA
Annette Hoff (Cima Collina)
Anne Amie
Carlton, OR
Craig Camp (Anne Amie)
Sainte Genevieve Winery
Ste. Genevieve, MO
Elaine Mooney (Ste. Genevieve)
(Added 5/4)
Wine bloggers with lists of wineries that are blogging
Time Elliot's
(list is on the navigation bar on right)

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Thanks for the link to our list of winery blogs - much appreciated. We really do try to ensure that our list of blogs is up-to-date and comprehensive. If your readers know of *winery* blogs we've missed, I invite them to send me a link.

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