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Austin Dog Trainer: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): June 15, 2006

The second blog today (trying to catch up for the week) comes from the Lone Star State, the only other state that was once its own republic (and don't you forget that Texas, Vermont did it first!). The beautiful city of Austin gives us a prime example of an everyday business you might find in any small city. While the blog appeals to a large audience nationwide, it is an effective marketing tool for their local clients.

Austin Dog TrainerWhat it is
Austin Dog Trainer is the blog for Buddy's Chance, LLC, a dog training company in Austin, Texas. The blog is written by Cara Vacchiano who owns Buddy's Chance.

Cara VacchianoFeatures
Advice on dog handling, dog treat recipes, stories about the dogs Cara recently worked with, answers to questions dog owners ask, and interviews with other trainers.

Favorite Post
Auto Sit gives some great tips for training your dog.

" is an automatic sit your dog does in certain situations.  For example, your dog sees you with its food bowl, so it sits.  The one I am most fond of is the auto sit when your hand goes on the doorknob.  This is great for teaching control at the door and for cutting down on dogs slipping out the door!"

Further Comments
Very well done blog. Cara is spending some serious time researching and writing this blog, though perhaps most of her 'research' is already in her head from experience. The format and layout are pleasing, navigation is solid, and I especially like that I can access the main company website from the clear link at the top of the page. Cara writes the blog very well, and there is a good mix of long posts with short ones.

The blog needs pictures to make me happy. I really think sappy photos of dogs are a huge draw to any dog lover. One thing I would caution Cara about is the use of a Newsday article in one of her recent posts. As I stated in my review of Chic Ilan's blog, "While quoting a small part of an article is considered 'fair use' in copyright law, reprinting an entire article without explicit permission is a violation of copyright unless you have permission from the magazine to do so." I like Cara's comments in her post, so I think she could have accomplished the same result by referencing a couple of quotes from the article instead of reprinting the whole thing. But that's just one post and otherwise the blog is fantastic!

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