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by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): August 22, 2006

Today's blog is the second video game blog I've featured. The first, Tales of the Rampant Coyote, appeared in May with a follow-up interview a couple of weeks later. I found today's by accident. Curiously, it appeared in a Technorati blog search for 'bookstore.'

PhilSteinmeyer.comWhat it is is the personal blog of Phil Steinmeyer, founder of New Crayon Games in Fenton, Missouri.

Video game news including updates for New Crayon, industry news, testing of new game-designing software, and musings about games that Phil is addicted to. This blog also features access to the traffic statistics for the blog through Sitemeter and Extreme Tracking (icons on the bottom of the page).

Phil SteinmeyerFavorite Post
Phil tries video games on his cell phone for the first time in a post called, Mobile Gaming - What Am I Missing?

"Is my phone just uniquely unsuited to playing games versus other mobile phones, or are teenagers willing to put up with terrible games, or what? I'm really wondering how this can be a sizeable industry."

Further Comments
Solid business blog. Phil is a leader in his industry and he uses his reputation and authority to create a well-read blog. The layout and graphics on the blog are simple and subtle. There are no distracting advertisements or spinning logos. The writing is very clear and the content is contained nicely within the niche market for this blog.

As I'm a big fan of graphics (mostly photos) within posts, I would like to see a few more here as well. Phil includes a chart in one of his posts, but what I'd really like to see is screen shots of games he's working on or promoting, programs he's working in, or websites he's mentioning. Just something to give the blog a bit of color and visual stimulation.

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This guys real good at running companies in the ground.

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