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Sharma Designs: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): August 25, 2006

Today's blog brings us into the area of art. I can't say enough how much blogging and an artistic business go hand and hand. If your business makes anything that is one-of-a-kind, you must blog. Tell the story of how your product is created. Talk about the connection your customers have had with you and your company. Give us a glimpse at how your creative mind works. For any potential customer, this information will be fascinating and will drive them to buy your product over anyone with a static, old-school website.

Sharma DesignsWhat it is
Sharma Designs is a blog for a jewelry maker named Sharla Oliveri from San Jose, California. Sharla offers unique pieces of jewelry because, "If I've seen it on every street corner, I ain't gonna wear it."

Posts about specific jewelry pieces, challenges with running the business, and personal stories.

Favorite Post
I was a bit torn between two posts because the current post at the top of the page is a great example of describing the process of Sharla's creativity. However, I liked this one even better because it reflects a part of business we can all relate to. You know that day when your first business cards arrive and you open the box to smell the freshly printed reminder that you are in business for yourself? Well, the post called New Tags! reminded me of that feeling:

Sharma Designs Tag"I am so excited! I just got my new jewelry tags! I had been out of the old ones for awhile and decided it was time for a change."

Further Comments
This blog is solid! It has a ton of posts, going back to January of '05. It has a mix of content from descriptions of Sharla's jewelry to personal stories. Sharla uses lots and lots of photos making the blog very visually interesting. Navigating to the main website where you can shop is super-easy. The layout is nice, offsetting Blogger's inherent awkwardness.

When you see a blog this good, you really have to nitpick to improve upon it. Here's two suggestions:

  1. Clean up the RSS/Feedblitz/Search area of the sidebar. It looks cluttered compared to the clean layout of the rest of the blog.
  2. In the past month, there have maybe been too many personal posts and not enough about the jewelry/business. Personal posts are good, they add a human face to the company, but aim for a ration of around 1:5 compared to company-related posts. Right now on the home page I count 4 posts in a row along the personal lines of blogging (8/16-8/21). Fine for a personal blog, not great for a business blog.

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I bought a necklace from Sharma Designs and it fell apart! Save your money, girls!

Shelley...this is a pretty odd comment for this blog. I think the proper place for this comment is on Sharla's blog. Have you tried contacting her?

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