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Vegetables for Breakfast: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): August 23, 2006

Cheryl was telling me about a new farming concept called Community Supported Agriculture the other day. So I was searching Technorati for 'csa' and came across today's blog about a farm in West Virginia. I'm taking some liberties featuring this blog because it is technically not the farm's blog, it is the blog of one of its customers. The customer is so enthralled with the philosophy of the farm that they took it upon themselves to write about it. Despite the fact that this farm doesn't write the blog, nor even links to it, it is actually an extremely good example of an effective business blog.

vegetables for breakfastWhat it is
Vegetables for Breakfast discusses the experiences of beltway inhabitant Denise Graveline as she receives the food she eats from a Community Supported Agriculture project in Shepherdstown, West Virginia called Fresh & Local CSA.

This blog is one month old and contains 54 posts! Yikes! This is way past my recommended 2-3 posts/week and the content is great! You will find the farm's current offerings, suggestions on working veggies into your diet, recipes, and other subjects that compliment the blog nicely.

vegetables from Fresh & LocalFavorite Post
Here's one called from porch to porch in food miles that details how many miles Denise's food travels from the farm to her kitchen:

"Add that to the 79 or so miles from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, where Farmer Allan and team picked my vegetables this morning, for a total of about 86 food miles from the farm to me. While U.S. growers and their industry representatives continue to object to "country of origin labeling," if you pick up, say, a bag of carrots in the supermarket, they very likely come from Bakersfield, California, just under 2,688 miles from me."

Further Comments
Again, let me point out that this isn't really a business blog. It's a personal blog written by someone who is passionate about a particular philosophy when it comes to farming, diet, and the environment. The reason I'm highlighting this blog today is because even though it is not a business blog, it is a great example of a business blog if it only had the Fresh & Local logo at the top of it!

So please ignore the fact that this is not the official business blog for Fresh & Local. Instead, take these lessons away from Denise's work:

Denise is passionate about her blog, writing several times a week. Passion = readership.

Most posts contain a personal anecdote creating a real connection with the reader. This is a huge improvement over an approach where Denise could just present a recipe. Instead she tells us why the recipe inspired her, what she was doing earlier in the day, and how it made her feel.

Denise uses lots of pictures and this literally made my mouth water while reading the blog.

Finally, the blog is perfectly focused. All the posts support the main theme of the blog, Community Supported Agriculture. Denise does not use this blog as a personal diary, though many posts are personal. It is on task and well thought-out.

My one suggestion would be that Fresh & Local display a prominent link on their home page to this blog. Even if it's not their official blog, they would benefit tremendously by advertising it. Basically, the blog is one giant testimonial for the farm.

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