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El Bloggo Torcido: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 5, 2006

I was going to write a short one today because going through Denise's interview was a little time consuming. So I checked out a blog from a winery that asked me to review them. Wouldn't you know that I would end up loving it and spending an hour reading the damn thing...

El Bloggo TorcidoWhat it is
El Bloggo Torcido or The Twisted Blog (more or less) is the blog for the Twisted Oak Winery in Vallecito, Calaveras County, California. The blog is authored by multiple employees of the winery under the aliases El Jefe, Fermento, and Pimp Daddy. While these may seem like characters, this is not a 'character blog.' Actually, I'm sure they are characters. What I mean is, these folks write under an alias, but we know who they are (it tells us on the 'about' page) and they aren't trying to pretend to be someone they aren't. They clearly just like nicknames.

El Bloggo Torcido PiratesFeatures
Tons of photos ( I LOVE it!). Stories from the employees about wine making. I have a sneaking suspicion the employees sample the product while writing the blog.

Favorite Post
Oh, there are sooooo many. Let's use Geek Sheets:

"It's time for El Jefe to "out" himself. It's true. I am 100% geek. I even have a ham radio license (I know that's hard to believe.)"

Further Comments
Can I just say...I really love this blog. I'm not sure if it's the juvenile wit, the photos of pirates, the sleek design, or the fact that reading the blog made me quite thirsty, but I love it!

This blog is playful, it shows the spirit of the company, the zaniness of the employees, the quirkiness of its customers, and the intelligence of its marketing value. I have but one suggestion for the blogonauts at Twisted Oak...add a search box for the blog! Why? Because usability studies indicate that about half of internet users are considered "search dominant" while another 30% navigate through a combination of searches and clicking on links (the remaining 20% are "link dominant". If you don't have search capabilities on your blog, most of these people will simply leave after a couple of minutes.

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Hi Brian - I had to leave you one thing!

Seriously, putting a search box on the blog -that matches the design- was non-trivial. All I had found on typepad before were the 'widgets', and I didn't want those garish things on our blog.

Tonight I looked again and found the method for installing a Google search box - with a big white Google logo. Ugh.

I even did a 'view source' on your blog to see how to get a nice one like yours. However, your HTML looks like it has some special codes in it, and it doesn't look very much like the Google code supplied by typepad.

I ended up editing out a lot of the 'fluff' in the typepad Google HTML. Also, I liked your checkbox better than the radio buttons so I, uh, borrowed that... but the average business blogger may not know how to do that - and they certainly should care how their business blog looks! Perhaps a "Blog Dos" post on the subject would be helpful?

The good news is I finally have a search box I can live with!

thanks very much! - El Jefe (Jeff)

ps: WK6I. There, I said it.

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