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Qumana releases a new version of blog editor

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 9, 2006

Qumana  blog editorThe new version of Qumana allows users to change the font color and size, and makes it easy to insert HTML snippets into your post. The text attributes are a major improvement in my mind. I already like the photo upload options even better than Typepad's native options. Now that Qumana allows font colors, I can't think of anything you can do with the Typepad editor that you can't do with the Qumana editor. I explain why I use Qumana instead of Typepad's native blog writer in this post.

The big deal is that there are things you can do with Qumana, that you can't automatically do with Typepad, such as add alt text to your photos, and use keyboard shortcuts such as control+I and control+B for italic and bold.

Suggestions: in the photo dialog box create section that allows you to make the photo a link, and create a 'Find' feature to easily find text or code in the post.

There is another popular free blog editor out there called Performancing that works with Firefox. I use Firefox and have tried Performancing and I don't like it as much as Qumana. It all comes down to dealing with photos. There is currently no easy way to upload photos with Performancing like there is on Qumana.

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Brian, Thank you very much for the link, review, and support. I like the code inserting idea. I can think of lots of uses for that!

No problem. You have a great product and I'm happy to mention it as a user myself.

Qumana Edit
Does not add value for me
And it loads so slow!

Seriously, it is a cute editor, but it doesn't add any features over Typepad that I am all that interested in.

What I really want: A blog editor that allows me to do simple WYSIWYG composition of pictures and text via tables (like I do in Dreamweaver) - and then upload the photos and correctly link them. And let me edit and republish if I need to tweak things. (Actually, a REAL post preview feature in my real blog page layout would be lovely.)

The big problem I have with Typepad's editor, and Qumana seems to echo this, is that they work fine for one picture, I can fake it for two, but by the time I get to more than that it is a royal pain to get the pictures composed where you want them. And even for one picture if I decide to move it from the right to the left I either have to figure out how to edit the HTML or re-upload the picture.

Actually, if Qumana simply supported tables that would probably do it for me. Right now, it can't even display tables in its WYSIWYG editor (oddly it DOES display tables in the Blog Manager window).

Also, one SBBotD type comment on the Qumana web site... When I go to download "free" software, I need to know what the "catch" is: is it a 21-day trial, is it de-featured, etc. Took me a while to figure out what the deal was...

thanks! - j

Good review El Jefe.

I'm wondering what you mean by "it loads slow." The program opens comparably to any other program on my machine and the time it takes to publish a post is similar to Typepad's native editor.

I think the handling of tables is probably why Dreamweaver is so darned good (my web page editor of choice). I honestly haven't found the need to create tables for layout since I've been blogging extensively.

I really like that you can select the photo and click on the link button to turn the photo into a link in Qumana. I don't think you could do this in the previous version of the program.

Republishing is a snap (Update Post button)and I tweak my posts all the time, like when I realized I haven't linked a photo, for example.

I totally agree that they need to make the "free program" explanation explicitly clear. I wonder how many people have not downloaded the program because they are suspicious.

My understanding is that the program is totally free and Quamana makes their money by taking a cut from the pay-per-click ads you can automatically insert into your post through the program.

Thanks for the second opinion El Jefe. For me it works much better than the Typepad editor, but it's great to hear another voice on the subject.

nice review, Brian.

I've been testing it out over the weekend and so far it passes all my criteria - and I'm a hard taskmaster. ;-)

Martin also wrote a very good review of the Qumana program. Read it here.

If you're looking for a WYSIWYG editor, try Zoundry. I've found it and performancing for firefox much more solid, (maybe not as pretty) options for desktop blogging tools, particularly when on a laptop unplugged, cause neither of them seem to run as hot on resources.

Zoundry is easy and configurable to upload photos, and has a number of buttons, (lots of them) that make tweaking your post easier.

Thanks for the heads-up UrbanDesigner. I tried it today and will give it a good look over the next couple of days. Then I'll write a review.

I had to work through a major formatting problem with it today, but now that it's solved, I think I love it.

Whats' not mentioned is the issue of Performancing and Blogger. PFF keeps dropping out of the atom interface on Blogger such that half your posts are disallowed and you have to find an alternative publishing option -- such as BlogThis!

So PFF for Blogger sucks. Thats' why I'm experimenting with Qumana. I've even been composing on my Wordpress account and copying the post into BlogThis to publish it!
I appreciate the editing ease offered by Qumana especially as I post or tech support across 20 blogs on my Blogger account. So a cross posting attribute is important to me.

And you don;t have to re-sign in to edit published posts. How cool is that!

The platform seems a bit twitchy on my desktop and has frozen once already which is a bad sign of course. But if I can get it to settle down -- and after using Performancing for so long before its aberrant tweaks set in I gotta say that this is a great blog editor.

But then if I have freezae issues I'm sunk, aren't I?

I was a big fan of Qumana, but then Microsoft released Live Writer which ticked all the boxes for a blogging client. I mainly use Linux and Open Source products. I am not the typical Microsoft lover!

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