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SeaNova: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 19, 2006

[International Talk Like a Pirate Day is September]

Ahoy, Maties! Away with yer Grog and set a piece. Shiver my timbers and Yo Ho Ho ya scurvy dog! Yer blog might sure be want'n to be as right good as this doubloon, but cut me loose and I'll keelhaul ya like a Landlubber.

SeaNovaWhat it arrrrr  
SeaNova be the blog fer Glen-L Boat Design   ahoy thar in Bellflower, California. The Buccanneer 'hind thar blog be Keith. Plentiful good pictures fer showin' buildin', gluin', and shapin' adorn this fine blog.

SeanovaFavorite Post
Thar's one any Scallywag could luv! It be called mosquitos, terrible heat, cursing!:

"So, predictably, things went poorly and I reaffirmed all of Lynn's fear about working w/ me….ah well…"

Aye, a fine lass she is to handle such a lily-livered Buccaneer!

Further Comments
This blog be loaded to the gunwales with proper blog booty. Blimey, the swag tumbles about back to November, 2004. 'At's bountiful grub for pillagin'!

(didn't even bother with the spell check on this one)

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