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Show Me the Money: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 2, 2006

Today's blog came to my attention from another submission to my guidelines comments page. It's a nice example of a blog for a company who provides a service and can be maintained with a minimal time investment.

Show Me the MoneyWhat it is
Show Me the Money is the blog for Marshall Lebovits discussing "Innovative financing solutions including purchase order finance, factoring, asset based revolvers, equipment leasing and real estate finance when the Bank says 'no'!" Marshall writes the blog from Redondo Beach, California.

Marshall LebovitsFeatures
Marshall reads the news about company financing and then writes posts commenting on these articles. The result is a good selection of posts giving insight to the various ways companies raise capital and the problems companies encounter with the various methods. Marshall blends in a good mix of posts pushing his own services.

Favorite Post
Back in June, Marshall described how his services helped a client in a post called Business owner solves cash flow problem and avoids bankruptcy!:

"Within 24 hours of speaking to the owner, I presented three options and a lender quickly funded the loan. Not only was the cash flow problem solved, but the ecstatic owner avoided a costly bankruptcy and is now focusing his energy on growing his business."

Further Comments
What I really like about this blog is the fact that it is pretty low-maintenance for Marshall. The formula is the news about your industry in the morning, write a 50-200 word post about your thoughts on one of the articles, mention the article with a link to it in your post. Marshall is creating a readership because his readers don't need to do the work of finding these articles themselves. In the process, Marshall creates a captive audience to slip in an endorsement for his services once in a while. Nice.

The blog is a little dry, but serves its purpose. This is a good time to mention that people read your blog (and reread it) generally because the overall subject matter is important to them. They don't read it for your personal insights and reflections about items in the news, your family, or what you think about the new weird flavor of Gatorade. Why do I mention this? Because every post on this blog is on topic. I have stated several times that a personal post from time to time is great because it humanizes the company (you will indeed see personal posts on this blog), but they should be infrequent and, if possible, should still somehow be tied into the overall subject matter of the blog. Just don't get carried away making your blog a personal blog instead of a business blog. With this in mind, I would like to see one or two posts on Marshall's blog telling us something personal about himself.

The design is very basic, which is totally fine. The blog platform is Blogger which isn't great but still does the job. Navigation is good except that Marshall needs to add a simple search box to find posts easily. This is important because around half the people who use the internet are considered "search-centric" which means the search box is basically their only method of finding things. In other words, they don't use any link-based navigation no matter how perfectly you've organized it (I'm one of these people).

Finally, there is very little information about Marshall or his company. He does provide a phone number that is well-placed on the blog, but there isn't a lot of information about exactly what he does. I would like to see a much more detailed 'about' page that really describes his services and compels me to give him a call or send him an email. About ten paragraphs should do it.

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This is a great find, Brian. A great example of how a professional in Marshall's field can use blogging as a tool to communicate and build a following.

Marshall, if you're not the "go-to-gu" in your field already, I'm sure it's about to happen. Keep up the great work.

As you've suggested, I've created a posting to tell readers about the services I offer when a company needs assistance with a business loan. As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Matchmaking for Business Loans

Very nice post Marshall. The information is solid, clear, and educational. The format is excellent using bold headers and bold red letters to orgainize the post and highlight specific points.

Having worked professionally with Marshall as well as other finance professionals, I can honestly say that he offers a range of qualities that are rare in a small business financier - compassion, precision and an engaging personality. Go Marshall!


Hope all is well and wish you congrats on your recent one year anniversary. I'm still active in the blogging world - just this past week, I become a second time host for Carnival of the Capitalists. Drop by for a visit!

Thanks for checking in Marshall. I'll have to check it out.

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