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Think Positive! Blog: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 28, 2006

Think Positive! BlogWhat it is
Think Positive! Blog gives encouragement and motivation to readers through quotes, stories, and advice about positive thinking, especially affirmations. The blog is written by psychologist Kirsten Harrell to promote the website ipop-ins which sells mp3 affirmations available through the site or through iTunes. For $1, ipop-ins sells an affirmation that plays on your ipod for about a minute. They include statements like, "I have everything I need to succeed," and "I choose to have a great day." Kirsten owns ipop-ins with her sister Traci.

Favorite Post
Feed your soul gives you a list of ways to stop and smell the roses:

Here is a list of 10 of my favorite ways to relax, clear my mind, feed my soul, renew my spirit:

  1. Take a walk in nature - especially the beach
  2. Listen to my favorite music
  3. Take pictures of the beauty in nature
  4. Meditate or use guided imagery
  5. Have a picnic in a beautiful spot
  6. Watch turkey vultures and hawks soar through the sky
  7. Read something inspirational
  8. Spend time with my family
  9. Watch a funny movie
  10. Play with my cats

Cameron and Dax record some affirmations for ipop-insFurther Comments
Kirsten was nice enough to give me a couple of mp3s to try out. Interesting product and they seem to be tapping into a huge global market very effectively. At least two contests have appeared on the blog including an iPod shuffle and iPod mini giveaway. Sweet!

Pretty good blog. There are amazon affiliate links in the sidebar that I think the blog could do without, but at least they are very representative of the blog's content. Navigation is very good, except she definitely needs a search box.

Kirsten is adding a lot of content to this blog with a post nearly every day. This is great as it will accelerate the blog's rise in search engine rankings and is sure to attract links from other sites.

Kirsten is going for an "industry" blog rather than a "business-specific" blog. This means her posts tend to be general advice about positive thinking and affirmations rather than posts about her company. I would like to see a few more posts about the company to really get a sense about the people involved with ipop-ins. More photos would be great too.

Overall, this is a very solid business blog.

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