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The 3 skills of business blogging

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): January 22, 2007

1. Blogging. It may seem strange, but the "blogging" part of business blogging is only one part of "blogging." This is the part where you write your posts a few times a week, read your comments, and respond to those comments or emails about what you have written.

2. The second part of business blogging is getting your blog "out there." Once your blog is set up, people need to know about the blog. Getting the word out should include:

  • creating a prominent link to the blog from your main website
  • placing the blog's website address on your business cards, stationery, email signatures, etc.
  • writing comments on other people's blogs that relate to your subject matter (including a link back to your own blog, of course)

3. Utilizing RSS technology is the third part of blogging. RSS allows you to load in the headlines of blogs, news websites, and searches so that you can skim several at a time. This means you don't have to actually visit a blog to see what's been written on it, you can skim the headline first before opening the whole story. This is great because it allows you to:

  • read 15 blogs in the time it would take to visit just one, and
  • keep track of frequent searches like a search for "your company" in Google News

The RSS portion of blogging is becoming a more and more important component of the consultation I do for business blogging. Setting a blog up for a business is pretty straight forward, and the idea of writing posts can be greatly improved by looking at good examples such as El Bloggo Torcido or innocent beverages. But using RSS is almost always brand new territory for the clients I work with.

RSS is mind-blowing. That's what I believe and what I tell my clients. I actually don't understand why everyone doesn't yet know about the technology, except perhaps that is is such a huge threat to main stream media, they aren't exactly talking about it.

RSS lets you use a program like Great News (my favorite) or Bloglines and create a page where the exact news you want appears. Lets say you want to keep track of every news story in the country that contains your company's name (or your competitor's). You could go to Google News Search and search for it, or you could search once, and then load the RSS feed of that search into your rss reader. Now whenever a new story is written about your company, the headline automatically appears in your rss reader. Load as many searches as you like. The point is instead of searching for 30 different things, all 30 of those searches automatically appear as if you've done 30 different searches...a real time saver.

And you can check your RSS reader once a week, once a day, or once every ten minutes if you want to. Everything gets saved for you for as long as you want.

To give you an idea of how important RSS is, I would estimate that about half the people that read my blog do so through the RSS feed, not by visiting Pajama Market. In other words, my readership has doubled because my blog has an RSS feed (no big deal, virtually every blog has an RSS of the big reasons blogs are better than "traditional" websites).

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Brian, great points. Especially how much of your readership is probably reading your work via RSS (I do). I come to the site for comments and in-depth research, but otherwise - I read your stuff via Great News (also my fave).

I like it when I see a feed item from you:-) Thanks for the nutrition.

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