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The most overlooked benefit of business blogging

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): January 29, 2007

Morgantepsic Most of us know the most popular reasons small businesses are seriously considering a blog as a marketing tool.

Blogs are:

  • Search engine-friendly
  • Incoming link-friendly
  • Great for returning readership
  • Able to receive customer feedback
  • Updated without any assistance from a webmaster

But as you work on your blog, making it grow, creating a piece of real estate in the wild wild west of the blogosphere, something wonderful happens.

Your business is fresh again.

When you are writing a blog, you are constantly looking for new things to write about. Different angles you've never noticed about your company suddenly appear. The old things that you've dealt with a million times are new again to your new audience, and so they are new again to you. Readers comment on your stories creating yet more new and fresh ideas on old themes.

This process can't be helped. As you look for more things to write about, you are forced to examine your company in a new light, perhaps more from your clients' perspective. You are forced to find every last "neat" thing about your company that exists. And when you are constantly looking for "neat," "cool," "interesting," things to write about, your company starts feeling neat, cool, and interesting to you again, perhaps how it did when you first began the company.

The point is, if we focus on the bad, that's all we'll see and feel. If we focus on the good, which is what a blog helps us to do, we see more and feel more of the good as well.

I suppose someday there will be a study on heart disease comparing business owners that blog to business owners that don't. Clearly fewer owners that blog will have heart disease. Don't you agree?

[Photo: Morgan Tepsic from Flickr used under Creative Commons Copyright.]

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Nice post. I agree that this is a part of blogging that is often overlooked. I even wrote about something similar today.

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