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How to use RSS and newsreaders: 5 part tutorial

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): March 8, 2007

A new client of mine inspired me to write a short series on RSS and newsreaders. The client hired me to set up a newsreader for their company so they could keep track of any news related to their company and their competitors.

The tutorial will appear in four parts:
Part 1: What is a newsreader? (why do I want to use one?)
Part 2: Reading feeds in a newsreader
Part 3: Identifying the RSS feed on a blog, news website, or search
Part 4: Loading the RSS feed into your newsreader
Part 5: Using the OPML to load and export multiple feeds

Hopefully, this tutorial series will be thorough and clear enough to understand. I will rely on my readers to ask me questions in the comments if something doesn't work for them.

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Nicely done Brian, but I think you have some misnamed links above. It seems part 2 points to part 3. Thanks!

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