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Janesville Noon Rotary

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): March 5, 2007

ParkerpenI spoke to the Janesville Noon Rotary this afternoon. I was given about 20 minutes to speak about blogging which meant I had to talk fast and the President still had to cut me off so the Rotarians could get back to work!

My favorite part of the talk was receiving my pen. Every guest speaker at the Janesville Rotary receives a Parker ball point pen as a "thank you." The Parker Pen Company was started in Janesville, so there is a reason the Rotary does this. I think it's a great personal touch.

The crowd was really great even though I was warned that a dozen or so Rotarians were retired and didn't even own a computer. I didn't notice anyone falling asleep, which is good news, and the crowd asked me a ton of questions after the talk. It was really fun to hear the immediate questions folks had after their first introduction to business blogging. It reminded me of all the questions I had when I started writing about business blogging.

Finally, if you ever happen to find yourself in the Janesville, Wisconsin area, visit the Rotary Gardens. This is where the Rotary holds their meetings and includes the amazing botanical gardens built by the local Rotary for the community. The gardens were one of several wonderful surprises I discovered shortly after moving here, and for anyone visiting, they are a must-see attraction.

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Great presentation! I could tell it was not the first time you've spoken in front of a group! I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Dave W.

Thanks Dave. The pleasure was all mine.

Thank you for a great talk on an interesting topic. Your blog is even more interesting than what I expected.

Thanks a lot Al! That's always great to hear when someone sees the blog and is pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, I'm creating a pretty decent resource for folks who want to make the leap into blogging.

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