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Complete List of Internet People with links from Meth Minute 39

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 7, 2007

Here's an idea after my own heart. This blog is about other blogs. The video at the bottom of this post, is a viral video about other viral videos. Brilliant.

What does this have to do with business blogging? Well, using video is an emerging technology for marketing, and these videos are all examples of attracting millions of visitors. It might be something to look into.

But who are the people in the video? Here's the list, in order.

1) Dramatic Chipmunk

2) South Park (The Spirit of Christmas)

3) Star Wars kid

4) Numa Numa

5) Back Dorm Boys

6) Napster Bad

7) Winnebago Man (called Winnebago Guy)

8) Bert is Evil

9) Goatse (ewww...hint: it's the first alternate London 2012 drawing. For this one, you may need the Wikipedia definition.)

10) Jib Jab's This Land

11) G.I. Joe "Public Service" spots (which I find particularly hysterical)

12) You're the Man now Dog

13) We Love the Moon (another personal favorite...eventually made into a Quiznos commercial...yes, I am weird)

14) Andy Milonakus, The Super Bowl is Gay

15) Ask a Ninja

16) Danny Blaze

17) Lonely Girl

18) House of Cosby Clones

19) Chad Vader

20) Ze Frank

21) Lazy Sunday

22) Kid From Brooklyn

23) Bubb Rubb

24) George Lucas in Love

25) Kramer's racist remarks (Mike Richards)

26) MySpace the Movie

27) Chuck Norris List (or Facts)

28) The Geriatric

29) I Kiss You guy

30) Stanley Kubrick audition

31) Leroy Jenkins doesn't listen

32) Homestar Runner

33) Grape Stompin' Woman

34) Paris Hilton Sex Tape (I'm not touching that one)

35) All Your Base (Are Belongs to Us)

36) Diet Coke and Mentos

37) OK Go, Here it Goes Again

38) The Shining movie trailer (as if it were done by Cameron Crowe, director of Jerry Maguire and Say Anything)

39) Sneezing Baby Panda

40) Dick in a box

41) Amanda Congdon of RocketBoom

42) Yacht Rock episodes

43) Snakes on a Plane

44) Insane German kid

45) Otters holding hands

46) Dax Flame

47) Psycho bride cuts hair

48) Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondent's Dinner

49) Little Superstar

50) Lightning Bolts from LARPing dudes

51) Kelly's Shoes

52) Oprah zapped by Tom Cruise

53) Weird Al, White and Nerdy

54) Kevin Federline playing Popozao

55) George Washington Rap

56) Ashlee Simpson's Saturday Night Live non-performance

57) Boom goes the dynamite

58) Lily Tomlin in a fight

59) Peanut Butter Jelly Time! or Family Guy version (which has even more views on YouTube)

60) House with Christmas lights

61) William Shatner (Captain Kirk) "sings" Elton John's Rocketman

62) Evolution of Dance

63) Bar Fight (Ok, there are a lot of bar fight videos, but I can't seem to find one where a drunk guy in a green shirt and white hat sucker punches a guy in a rugby shirt).

64) Webcam (Again, a lot of webcam candidates, but I didn't happen upon a blond, brown-shirted dude that may be the love child of Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Brian Dennehy).

65) Tay Zonday, singer of Chocolate Rain

66) Zombie kid likes turtles

What's frustrating is not knowing exactly where #63 and #64 are from. It's like a murder mystery trying to figure it out. If anyone knows, please let me know.

Here's the vid:

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#18 link points to lonelygirl15...
Other than that. Great list!

Thanks Johannes. I'm not sure how I missed that, but with a list this long, it was bound to happen. It's all fixed now.

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