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What is a blog?

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): September 6, 2007

For your viewing pleasure:

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Good to see you are back - been wondering when I would hear from you again. Are you still going to be doing a Blog of the Day?

Good stuff Brian, and a great way to get readers that are new to the blogosphere up to speed quickly!

Hi Brian,

Welcome Back! You were greatly missed. Hope all is well with you.

peace in your world,

Thanks guys!

I'm reevaluating Pajama Market right now. I’ve been pursuing other interests over the summer (as you can tell by the big hole in posts), and that’s given me a chance to look at this blog through new eyes. Without getting ahead of myself, I’m pretty excited right now, and think I have a chance to turn this blog into a major player in the world of small business marketing.

I’ll write a post outlining the new direction as soon as I figure it out.


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