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Feedburner: streamlining your RSS feed

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): April 22, 2008

Your blog comes with a feed. That's a fact Jack.

But, your feed is so vain, it probably thinks RSS is about it. And it's not.

Can your RSS feed tell you how many people are subscribed to it? Can it place useful links at the bottom of each and every blog post? Can it offer your readers services like sending your RSS feed to their email address?

I doubt it!

Unless of course you have signed up with Feedburner, the super-cool RSS feed totally legal growth hormone. It turns your wimpy vanilla feed into something that could star in Predator and then run for governor...that's governor of California and Minnesota!

And it's FREE, as in don't cost ya nothin'!

Easy to add
Add as many blogs as you want. Feedburner gives you the code to add a link or button on your site. Now when people look for your feed, it's a new-and-improved Feedburner feed that's part of your complete and balanced breakfast (yes, it's 8 am and I'm hungry).

Two super functions
I recommend Feedburner just because it tells you how many people are subscribed to your feed. That's enough for me to praise its glories. But the 'Feed Flare' is a tip top reason as well. That's where the cool links at the bottom of every post show up, such as 'Email This,' 'Subscribe to this feed,' 'Technorati Links,' etc.. And you get to choose what those links are.

Tons of extras
Have a podcast? Feedburner works with podcast feeds too.

Geotag your feeds if you want. Yep, that means telling the whole world your location so precisely that smart bombs could fly through your office window if they were programmed to those coordinates.

Feedburner can also give you visitor stats for your website. That's kind of cool, but later in the week we're looking at Google Analytics which makes Feedburner's stats look, well, erm, inadequate.

So if you haven't, sign up for free at, register your blog and then add the Feedburner code to your blog. It's pretty simple, and you can always leave a comment here if something doesn't make sense. Cheers y'all!

[Photo: IMG 4861 by 7263255 on Flickr, used with permission under Creative Commons Copyright]

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