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Typepad customer support nonexistent

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): May 1, 2008

Tantrum Typepad has still not responded to my trouble ticket. It has officially been 16 hours and 2 minutes since I placed the request.

I did a quick check of other popular hosts:
GoDaddy: 24/7 phone or email support
Rackspace: 24/7 phone or email support
SiteGround: Resolves 95% of all critical issues in less than 15 minutes...damn!

If this blog were hosted with one of those companies with a different blog platform...say problem would have been long fixed.

Since there is no way to directly converse with the support staff (I submitted a 'support ticket' last night...that's one-way conversation only and I'm beginning to feel like I was talking to a wall), I contacted a salesperson at Typepad just now via instant message chat.

My hope was that they might relay to the support desk that I was...annoyed. Read the rest of this story if you'd like to see how that chat went (hint: I don't think I'm their favorite person right now).

Chat InformationPlease wait for a site operator to respond.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Kymberlie'

Kymberlie: Hi there.  Are you having a problem registering for a TypePad account?

you: No, I'm having a problem reaching someone in support.

Kymberlie: At this time, our live support is set up only to handle TypePad registration issues.

Since you have a TypePad support question, please log in at and click to your Control Panel > Help tab. There, open the New Ticket link to submit your support request. Your account information and history is available then to help with resolution, and support questions are handled in the TypePad help system.

you: I've done that

you: No one is responding!!!

you: 15 1/2 hours now!!

you: Ticket: 801568

Kymberlie: If you've opened a help ticket, someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

you: Why am I paying $15/month to wait 15 hours for support???

Kymberlie: If you require priority support, we'd suggest upgrading to Premium. Users at the Premium level have a guaranteed response time of six hours.

Kymberlie: There are more details about the different levels here:


Kymberlie: If you'd like to upgrade to Premium, you can do so via Control Panel > Account Info > Upgrade/Downgrade Account.

you: Wow! So I can twiddle my thumbs wondering when support will help me, or I can spend TWICE AS MUCH as I'm paying now to get some communication going?

you: That sucks.

Kymberlie: I understand your frustration, but at this time, support is handled through the ticket queue.  Someone will assist you as soon as possible.

you: 15+ hours is not very soon and I'm very unhappy.

you: Especially since I don't even know if support can assist me.

Kymberlie: Support should be able to assist you with your issue.  Please have patience and someone will help you as soon as they can.

you: It says right on the Typepad pricing page that ALL customers "enjoy professional service and support".

you: I wouldn't call 15+ hours in the dark very professional.

Kymberlie: Yes, and they you do, but we receive a large number of support requests each day and respond to them in the order they come in.

you: Would you say the service I'm getting on this issue is 'professional?'

Kymberlie: We appreciate your feedback, but if you have any further questions, you can open a new Help Ticket within your account. Since you do not have a registration question, I am going to end this chat.

you: :(

Kymberlie: Thank you for chatting.  Good-bye.

Chat InformationChat session has been terminated by the site operator.

PS: If you're reading this after the issue was fixed, check out how awful the site looked here.

[Photo: Kids #43 by Jekkyl on Flickr, used wit permission under Creative Commons Copyright.]

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