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Wanted: Blogger for full time position

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): May 6, 2008


Lets get this straight. I'm not offering a job (I can hear the thousands of back buttons being clicked now).

But if you are a company that does not yet have a blogger on staff (or maybe you've given the job to an already overloaded marketing peon), then you'd better put this ad in your local paper (or on soon:

WANTED: Blogger for full time position
Our super-duper company wishes to hire a person in the position of "blogger." Until yesterday, we didn't really know what this meant, but we did some research on the internets and realized we are really missing the boat here.

What we're looking for is someone who is good at writing. You might have a degree in English or communications or something, but the really important thing is that you can write. This includes spelling and grammar. We don't really care how educated you are as long as what you write doesn't make us cringe every time you use the word 'your' when you mean the word 'you're.'

Next, you should know how to take a photo. We've heard that photos really add value to a blog. Many people are much more likely to read a post if it begins with an attractive blog photo.

For this reason, you need to get out from behind a desk and explore our company. Look for interesting things to take pictures of. People are great subjects for photos because it shows we have real people working here with real names.

You should have good interviewing skills. Perhaps you were once a beat reporter, or you've always dreamed of being one. You need to call people up, send them emails, and most importantly, walk into their office and interview them. We're not looking for news-breaking hard-hitting interviews. We want human interest stories. The kind that make readers really feel good about our company.

You will invite prominent experts in our industry to write reports and articles for the blog. You will be in charge of assigning them subjects to write about and editing their final drafts before they go live.

You need to understand our products completely. You will be writing about how to use them, why our readers need them, how they can't live without them, and why ours are better than anyone else's.

While you gain product knowledge, we want you to use what you've learned to create tutorials for our customers. The blog will be a tremendous resource for those who have purchased our products because you will be able to take a customer question from email and write up a tutorial that answers their question, and potentially the same question hundreds of others will have, all in the same day.

Although you won't be the "official" PR spokesperson for the company, you will be expected to respond to company problems, scandals, or news items in a professional and timely manner through the blog. We recognize that our readers want honest information ASAP and you are one of the quickest direct links to the company. 

For this reason, you will have uncommon access to key members in our upper management, especially the CEO, so that you can quickly respond to public relations situations.

In addition to writing articles, you will also provide interviews, tutorials, or industry news in MP3 audio format at least once a week. Readers appreciate different media to learn about our company and products. You will also be in charge of coordinating the release of our podcasts with iTunes and other music services.

Video Producer
In addition to podcasts, you will also be expected to create short videos. This is very important as video is absolutely exploding on the internet and may account for tens of thousands of viewers seeing our product that never would have known we existed.

While we don't expect the videos to be of the highest production quality, we do expect them to be entertaining, educational, and effective in promoting our brand. You will become an expert in creating the videos and distributing them to all the big video sites through a web site such as tubemogul.

You will be in charge of creating an opt-in email list through a company like AWeber. With this list, you will create a newsletter for the specific purpose of converting our readers into buyers. AWeber has a proven program of tutorials to help you meet this goal, but it will be up to you to write and execute the actual sales material.

Social Media Wizard
In addition to the blog, you will open and maintain accounts for the company on Facebook, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, and any other network that becomes hot.

You will make contacts through these networks in order to market our products, spread the company name, and attract highly qualified candidates to our office.

Search Engine Optimizer
You must be able to harness Social Media tools to produce outstanding search engine rank. We are not looking to "game" the search engines, but rather to leverage social media to create a real value that the search engines recognize and reward.

Frequent Flyer
Although you should be able to do 90% of your job in our office...and even in your home, we will expect you to travel to some major events in our industry so you can write about them just like a news reporter. If readers visit our blog to get news about a conference, that's a tremendous advantage over the companies that do not. We may ask you to provide daily podcasts or videos of these conferences or meetings.

In addition to conferences in our industry, we would expect you to attend a few conferences on blogging and/or social media throughout the year. While we are confident you will stay abreast of all the latest trends, you will gain even more authority with our readers by attending and blogging about these events.

Please reply immediately so that we can get out of the 90s.

PS: if it will save your company the time of placing this ad in a newspaper, I am available for this position. -Brian

PPS: I'm sure I missed some skill sets. If you think of any extra skills a blogger needs, please add them in the comments.

[Photo: Not the only photographer by cstrom on Flickr, used with permission under Creative Commons Copyright.]

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